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72 hours and a lifetime of passion

goes into creating every Sorganic loaf 

White Country Loaf

Our classic white sourdough loaf with a blend of stoneground and roller milled white  flour. Open crumb and golden, crusty exterior.

Signature Fruit loaf

The Sorganic fruit loaf has quickly become  a signature loaf for us, filled with figs, apricots, dates, and sultanas this loaf will have you coming back for more. 

Multi Grain

A Sorganic classic white sourdough loaf folded through with soaked sunflower seeds, linseeds, wheat berry, and barley berry.

Walnut & Chia loaf

A Sorganic classic White Country sourdough, packed with Walnuts and chia giving you a wonderfully nutty loaf

Spelt loaf

This loaf is made using 100% spelt flour, and topped with pumpkin seeds making for a truly amazing loaf.
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