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Toast, sourdough, white, grain, rye: $6 or gluten free, fruit: $7

Sides: butter, house-made jam, local honey, vegemite, peanut butter (v) ( ) (n) (h)


Bircher muesli: $14.50

Served with fresh seasonal fruit (v) (n) (h)


Granola & Panna Cotta Yogurt: $16.50

House made granola, honey vanilla yogurt, seasonal fruit, drizzled with berries coulis.


Brekkie Burger: $ 14

Bacon, egg, hash brown, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, smoky BBQ, Mayonnaise


Breakfast wrap: $15

Scrambled eggs, bacon, spinach, smoky BBQ sauce, and house made onion jam


Avocado on sourdough toast: $11

Half a fresh avocado served with two slices of sourdough toast fresh lime and sea salt (v) ( ) (h)


Sorganic Hotcakes: $18.5 (available until 2:00pm only)

A decadent pancake stack layered with seasonal fruit, berries compote, mascarpone & pistachio, caramel sauce and topped with wild berries maple syrup (v)


Salmon & avocado stack: $22

Smoked salmon, half an avocado, stacked on ricotta and our famous sourdough, which is top with a house made dressing of fresh parsley, dill, red onion, olive oil, and finished with a sprinkle of capers (h)


Pulled Beef or Pork: $20 or Salmon Benedict: $ 23

Pulled beef or pork, 2 poach soft eggs, baby spinach on the home sourdough served with the hollandaise sauce, pistachio, balsamic glaze


Sorganic oven Roasted Pumpkin: $19

Grilled chorizo, roasted pepitas, two soft boiled eggs, pumpkin wedges, parmesan cheese, green leaves, dukkha & balsamic glaze, and house made tomato relish (h)


Green bowl: $18

Herbed green hummus, roasted pumpkin, asparagus, avocado, broccoli, two soft boiled eggs & dukkha (v) ( ) (n) (*) (h)


Protein fix bowl: $18.90

A delicious mix of black beans, corn kernels, ricotta cheese, chorizo sausage two soft boiled eggs, asparagus, guacamole, roasted sesame, (vg) (n) (*) (h)


Sorganic Breaky: $23

Scrambled eggs or fried or poached eggs, bacon, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, spinach and two slice of sourdough toast


Scrambled eggs: $15 half serve $10

Creamy eggs scrambled, with chives, served with two slices of our famous sourdough toast


Medley Mushroom on sourdough: $19.5 (v)

Delicious mushroom served with two poached eggs, beetroot hummus, pistachio, balsamic vinegar, finished with green goddess hollandaise.


Spanish Eggs: $19.5

Two eggs baked in a rich tomato and capsicum Spanish sauce served with slice of toast avocado and lime (v)



  • Soft boiled/ fried/ poached egg $3.00 each

  • Goats cheese $3

  • Vine ripened slow roasted tomatoes $3.00

  • Avocado $4.50

  • Bacon, chorizo $4.00

  • Pumpkin wedge $3.00

  • Wilted spinach $3 

  • Slice of sourdough toast $3.50


Good Morning Subiaco

Lunch 7am– 2.30pm

Caesar salad: $15

Cos lettuce, parmesan cheese, bacon, house-made Caesar dressing, Sorganic sourdough croutons, a soft-boiled egg (vg) (h)

Add: grilled chicken $4


Open steak sandwich: $23

Marinated prime cut steak, caramelised onions, roasted tomatoes, asparagus, fresh salad sitting on our famous toasted sourdough lightly dressed with homemade tomato relish and mayo.


Chicken & cauliflower salad: $19

Tender poached chicken served on a bed of oven roasted cauliflower, quinoa, kale, walnuts, cranberries, mint, parsley, and topped with avocado(vg) (h) (n) (*)


Thai beef salad: $19.50

Fine slice fillet beef, fresh mesclun mix of green, onion, tomato, carrot pickles roasted sesame, chilli served with the chefs special dressing.


Avocado Bruschetta: $17

Served on our famous sourdough with a house mix of roasted tomatoes, red onion, chives dressing, goats’ cheese, balsamic vinegar and top with fresh avocado (v) ( )


Ripper Beef Nachos: $17

Mixed beef mince herds sauce served with corn chips, red onion, diced tomatoes, cheddar cheese, sour cream, and Jalapeno.


Chicken BLT sandwich: $17

Chicken, bacon, tomato, fresh lettuce, sweet chili sauce and mayo served with chips


Beef or Tofu or vegies spring rolls noodles salad(vegan): $17

Stir fired beef lemongrass or Tofu with vermicelli salad, peanuts and served with house made sauces.


Sorganic Beef Burger and Chips: $18

Beef parties, egg, cheese, pickles beetroot, BBQ sauces, mayonnaise, lettuce served with steak chips.  


Buttermilk chicken burger and chips: $18

Served with American cheese, coleslaw, fresh tomato slice, onion jam, peri mayonnaise, tomato relish and chips.


Manwich: $ 17

Pulled Pork, coleslaw, American cheese, house made tomato relish on seeded Turkish roll and served with the batted onion rings.


Pad Thai chicken $17 or seafood: $ 18

Chicken or seafood stir-fried with the rice noodles, mix of vegies served with the roasted peanut, red shallot, coriander, chilli


Smoothies 7.30am – 3.30pm

  • Green Smoothie $8.50

    • Spinach, kale, banana, dates,​ hemp seeds, peanut butter, almond milk

  • Banana Smoothie $8.50

    • Banana, ​oats, honey, yogurt, cinnamon, almond milk

      • ADD; Protein Powder $1.00

  • Golden Smoothie (Anti Inflammatory) $8.50

    • Almond milk, banana, turmeric, cinnamon, honey​

  • Acai Smoothie $8.50

    • Acari berry puree, banana, hemp seeds, dates, honey, coconut water​

  • Tropical Passion

  • Berry Discovery

Coffee's & Teas

 COFFEE $4.00

    • Cappuccino

    • Flat White

    • Latte

    •  Macchiato

    • Hot Chocolate


  • TEA 4.50

    • English Breakfast

    • Earl Grey

    • Cloud Mist (green)

    • Peppermint

    • Jasmine

    • Masala Cha

Cold Drinks

  • Cold Press Juice Station $6.50

  • Frappe : $6.50

  • Milkshake: 

  •    Small: $5

  •    Medium: $6

  •    Large: $7

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